How to Win in a Crowded Space by DigitalOcean

In the same industry as most businesses?  Have products and services that are similar to your competitors?  No problem!

These days, you don’t have to automatically call it quits because you and your competitors are offering the same products and targeting the same markets.  Here are a few tips from DigitalOcean that can help you stand out from the crowd:

  • find your customer’s pain points (learn and understand your customers)
  • leverage your flexibility (always be there for your customers)
  • build love through incredible customer service
  • grow a community

A crowded space is no longer an excuse for a startup to fail. If you are in a crowded space, you know that your product is in demand. People want what you are selling, and they understand what it is that you do. The key to business success isn’t discovering an empty field, but understanding your audience better than your competition and finding a niche within a large market. Even without inventing a radical new product, a startup with a sharper vision can often excel and succeed.

Here are the four areas which your startup can win in a crowded space. We know this because this is what’s driving DigitalOcean to succeed in the crowded cloud hosting market.

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