Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

This article from is an oldie, but a goodie.  Check it out for reasons why ALL publicity isn’t always good publicity.

Some publicists and public relations pros still have a sign on their desks that read: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

They take the shotgun approach to public relations — firing off a press release aiming at anything with a heartbeat. Some business owners are the same way. They share valuable content in exchange for a tiny credit on an obscure website in the often unrealistic hope that this effort will somehow extend their reach and strengthen their brand presence.

In some cases, it does. If you’re promoting the grand opening of Grandma’s Italian Restaurant, you want to spread the word in the local community far and wide, so you send a press release to every nearby media outlet. Or, if you’ve just written a book about general business management practices, you offer business Web portals the opportunity to excerpt from your book. In most situations, however, a targeted approach is more effective.

Blanketing the masses with your press releases, pitches and content has too many potential drawbacks. Here are four…

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