Fortune 500 Executives Aren’t Using Social Media and That’s OK

As we already know, social media is becoming a necessity for most companies.  Being digital and having a prominent online presence is, in most cases, very beneficial to every company.

These days, some jobs even require social media knowledge, and if you don’t – well, you’re out of luck.  But that does mean everyone should use social media?  And more specifically, CEOs?  In the following article, Gini Dietrich says it’s perfectly okay if CEOs don’t use social media.  She also shares with us a few unbelievable stats like these:

  •  five of the 19 CEOs on Twitter have never tweeted
  • only four CEOs are on Google+
  • none are on Pinterest

“A subtle but powerful roadblock, as the world embraces all things digital and techie at an exponential rate, many execs feel like they understand less and less about the underpinnings of their business.”

Some of you may have seen the report last week that shows 70 percent of Fortune 500 executives aren’t using social media.

I’m not sure why we needed a study to tell us this. I mean, really. Is that a surprise?

Fortune 500 executives have one job: To grow the company and provide value to its stockholders. They have teams of people who build the brand and communicate with customers and protect the reputation.

Big company leaders have never sat in the customer service center and taken phone calls or emailed back and forth with upset buyers (with the exception of Steve Jobswho did it with great joy).

Read the full article here

Does the CEO of your company use social media?  If so, how active is s/he?

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