Investing in the Mobile Enterprise

You know it, as you have read in our previous posts, the internet and use of mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.) are no longer something that is optional and are becoming more of something that is required in the workplace.

Have you heard of DropBox, Documents To Go, or Box?  They are all apps on smartphones that enable users to access documents, etc. when they are on the go.  For example, students who are away from their computers are still able to access their homework and presentations on their phones or tablets.

Not only is it an importance for businesses to cater towards mobile consumers, it is moreso vital for their employees who are always on the go meeting clients or partners.  Investments in being mobile may cost a lot internally, but in the long run, it is absolutely necessary and worth it.


“With all of the talk about social media and the need to create an infrastructure to support a social enterprise, we cannot overlook the importance of mobilizing the workforce. Doing so enables employees to more effectively collaborate with team members within to improve collaboration with customers externally.”

Your customers are not only becoming increasingly social, their digital lifestyle is fueled by mobile devices. Whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, they are masters of the small screen experience and accomplished in the art of communicating with both their thumbs and their voice. The most riveting facet of the mobile revolution is not only what we’re witnessing, it’s what we’re missing in these important times of transformation.

These connected customers or Generation C as I refer to them are critical to your organization beyond their role of consumer. They are increasingly taking over the inside of your company as your everyday workforce. So in many ways, we are the very people we’re trying to reach. And, to do so takes standardization, transformation, and empowerment. This is the dawn of the mobile enterprise and as a result, digital strategists must think beyond the idea of a social business. Now’s the time to lay the foundation for an adaptive enterprise where mobile becomes one of the pivotal screens for employee and customer engagement, communication and collaboration. Without leadership and standardization however, employees will use their mobile devices as part of their work, but do so without regard or knowledge of best practices on what to do and what not to do and how it aligns with corporate policies and security.

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Do you know of a company or business that is or is not big on social media and being mobile?  How are they investing in the mobile enterprise?